Monday, June 1, 2009

Shopping for a shower

Went to Target this afternoon, after taking a LONG nap to feel better!

My Aunt called Wednesday to say they are throwing a bridal shower for my cousin on Tuesday (yup tomorrow!) and wanted to know if I could make it, all she said was to bring myself.... yeah, ok.

Talked to step mom last night who is leaving for Europe the next day, so she won't be going, but she was nice enough to tell me that my cousin 'Liz' is registered at Target and Macy's. Looked at the registries last night and just sighed (very small lists and 1/2 already purchased).

Liz and her hubby got married very quietly last May in NC before his 4th deployment. Liz wanted to still have a great party and dress, so they decided to renew their vows. She has a gorgeous dress, and he will be in his dress blues. Sorry I digress. Liz is flying up tonight, has her final dress fitting on Tuesday, and leaving on Wednesday morning. She allowed her mom and the MOH to throw a shower; hence the party at 5:30 on a Tuesday evening.

So I went scrambling to find a gift (was on vacation till Sunday and have been under the weather- even took today as a sick day with the hopes that my coughing would subside and not scare my cube mates tomorrow!).... 3 of the things in my price range had disappeared and one was out of stock. Tied my hands a bit, but I should be set. Bought stuff for the kitchen. They are now wrapped and gold glitter is all over me, my shirt, pants and kitchen table, but done!!

Now, I never go shopping without getting something for me, and found some really cute curtains for my bedroom. They are white sheers to let in light, but also have med. sized white dots on them that remind me of bubbles under the water, they are cute!

Time for bed, have to make a living tomorrow. Catcha later!


BeeOhVee said...

wow where in Europe?

Cathy said...

I know they are going on a 2 week Medeteranian cruise with stops ( I think) in Greece and Italy) I am not sure where else