Sunday, June 21, 2009

Feeling old...

My cousin graduates from high school tomorrow night. We had a graduation celebration (inside unfortunatley) yesterday. J is graduating in the top percentage in his class and is a member of NHS! Go J, awesome job!!!!

Anyway a couple of friends of his stopped by and we were all talking college. He has decided to go to UConn and live on campus! YAY, I think I helped convince him that on campus is better than commuting to a satellite branch :) We were talking about orientation and class signups, he's a bit nervous because he has one of the last orientations and is worried how the schedule is going to come out.

We talked about music, he doesn't think he wants to commit the large amount of time to marching band this year, but you never know about the other 3 yrs! He did mention wanting to pursue concert band just to keep the skills up.

There have been lots of changes in the 12 yrs since I was a freshman. Orientation is now housed at South Campus (no fair having ac!) Also learned that Buckley may be a honors only dorm now.... sucks for music majors. J asked if they could bring small window ac units for the dorm HAHAHAHAHAHA! as if! He is so excited and nervous at the same time, it will be interesting to hear where he ends up for housing and if he keeps his friend as a roomate or if he gets a stranger.

My cousin, soon to be Husky, future lawyer, and member of the 2013 class!

Holy crap I felt old when I heard that!!!

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