Sunday, January 24, 2010

so cute

I can finally say that I have been to Cheesecake Factory.
All I have to say is WOW!

I went on Friday afternoon with my mom for a birthday lunch. Each person decides where to eat for that special birthday meal.

The menu is insane and trying to figure out what to eat is almost impossible. You WILL NOT go home hungry. If you do it is through no fault of the restaurant.

We decided to get a delicious white bean hummus dip with flat bread as an app. We had a heads up that the portion sizes are massive, so we split an Asian Chicken Salad. We each ate a large plate full and had leftovers. Those leftovers were enough to overflow a large dinner plate. Made a decision to try the corn fritters they had as a small plate- not my fav.

Now of course you can't go without having cheesecake. But how do you choose bwtn 20+ flavors?? I was torn btwn 3, and made a split decision to get the Godiva chocolate one- OMG it was amazing.

It was cute, I got sung to and they gave my plate a special touch : )

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I blogged very briefly before about Grandpa. We got some devastating news after Christmas. Grandpa had a liver biopsy done before Christmas and we were waiting for baited breath for the results. His doc had an MRI done because they wanted to see where the Melanoma had metastasized to. The bad news is that it has spread to his liver.

The black and white is. Stage 4. Inoperable. Liver Cancer. No radiation. Chemo only. Doctor has said that without chemo he may have 6 months. Not an easy diagnosis to take for anyone.

I had a chance to talk w/Grandpa right after the diagnosis and he has decided to go for the chemo, he said what to I have to lose? We are very fortunate that he is completely a symptomatic with this insidious cancer- has not felt any pain or discomfort or problems which makes the diagnosis that much harder. He did say though that if this had come a year ago he would not have considered the chemo after seeing what it has done to friends and family.

Every family gathering is going to be doubly important this year. I am trying very hard not to over think or let the what ifs take over. I want to be strong.

Had a chance to hang out w/ dad for a bit tonight, he went to go see grandpa at home earlier tonight and said he is doing good but tired, said is taking more naps. Did you know chemotherapy comes in pill form now? Found out tonight that Grandpa is done with chemo until next month. Takes his chemo like a one a day vitamin. Lets hope its beneficial & that he doesn't need to go in for the chemo in liquid form. yet.

I am very proud of my grandpa for his strength and courage.

This photo is from my cousin's wedding in June 09

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

still thinking

I have been thinking of a post about Grandpa, but not ready to put anything in writing yet.

For now, will remain busy at work and enjoy dinner tonight w/ the family