Thursday, January 27, 2011

This message is for...

Hi, today is 1/27/2011 and guess what we got last night?? Another 10-14 inches of white stuff :)

Woke up at 6 and called the weatherline- open for normal business hours (the air turned shades of blue). Decided to hop in the shower and get ready. At 6:30 I got 2 calls - 1 to the house, 1 to the cell from the company. An automated message - personalized too- to advise that we had a delay :)

Made shoveling out the car AGAIN, not so bad

Happy Thursday

Friday, January 21, 2011

Charlie Brown!!!!!

Took the day off as a birthday present to me. I don't work on my birthday, and since this year it is on a Saturday, I decided to take Friday off.

I awoke to a beautiful carpet of white out my window, about 4-5 inches of beautiful fluffy new snow :) Went outside to clean off the car and move it to a cleared spot so the plow could clean out more spaces. Thats when it happened....

What happened you ask?

Well, with the warmer temps of the last few days came snow melt, and the melt turns to sheets of ice. I was walking to mom's car on the plowed area and can you guess what happened?

I was at the back corner of the car when my feet went out from under me and did a complete Charlie Brown, coming down square on my tailbone then the back. My nice snow scraper/brush went flying against mom's car and snapped the brush off of the pole.

All I hear is.... hey, why did you throw the brush against my car?!! So, my response was, Do you see where I am!! Owie. She didn't even see me, let alone see that I was on the ground and sliding on the ice.

Got up slowly and limped my way to the dumpster where I threw away my snow brush :( Doesn't hurt too much while walking :)

After I got inside and divested myself of the coat, hat, boots, & mittens I went to sit on the couch and OWWWIIIEEEEE!

I feel like my butt broke, will be walking funny for a few days, and the klutz lives on!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

snap crackle pop

Mother Nature is unleashing herself at us this year. Since the beginning of the year (18 days ago) some parts of this state have received 4o plus inches of snow!

I remember the winter of 96 being like this, snow multiple times a week. Back then it was fun because I was still in high school. Snow= no school. Now it means get your butt to work, because my company does not close. The massive record setting snow we had last week had the company delay starting until 10 am. Really? All the other major companies had later start times and then closed before that time came, but not ours. Ok, no more of that, its in the past.

As I was taking my shower this morning, I was listening to the snap crackle pop sounds outside my window - the sleet had started. I figured if I left a little earlier that I might be able to score a spot in our small parking garage. That means no chipping my way into my car after work. The morning the ride in wasn't too bad, it was slow going (20 mph). I was able to score a nice spot in the garage (YES!!!!).

Ride home was wet, but the fun began when I got home. The plow came out during the afternoon and got rid of the snow, but the shine I saw was not good. The entire parking lot (minus the spaces because they didn't touch those) and all sidewalks were sheets of ice. I spinkled some icemelt on my step/stoop and let it work its magic.

The weathermen are all giddy over the upcoming storm on Frday. Really??? Come on Mother Nature, do you have to dump another 6+ inches on my day off?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the Globes

I have to say, the Golden Globes is my favorite award show.... alcohol + no eating= great evening.

Just saw Annette Benning win an award.... did someone pull her out of bed? What bed head on both her and Al Pacino!
Tilda Swinton desperatley needs to embrace any color other than stark white...
Johnny Depp is looking good, LOVE the color of Claire Daines' dress- she said the inner 6 yr old had to have the hot pink dress :)
Did you see Carrie Underwood's dress, she just sparkled.
Missed some of the arrival show so I'll check out the dresses tomorrow online, am loving the bold colors!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Friday

Unplanned sleepover tonight!

Picked up the Munchkin from school today and her medicine from my dad's house. In true family tradition, she has her first ear infection. At almost 4 she is lucky to have withstood this long. My brother and I were NO strangers to the achey and popping ears. Hope she doesn't get them into adulthood like her auntie.

Moved her carseat to the middle seat in the car.... she is tall & skinny and no longer had any foot room. She is almost 30 lbs but I think it is time to get a booster for my car. We are thinking a tall booster because she is too young and sleepy for the backless ones.

Dinner was my niece's choice. I asked what she wanted.... hotdogs please. Stopped at Stop & Shop and picked up Hebrew National (my fav) they were on sale & reduced fat- double score!
A piece of cheese was scored from the deli and a fast run thru the store with random throw in items from the little one.

Batman and She-ra were the entertainment choices for the evening, by demand of the little one. Love her taste in cartoons.

Tomorrow will have a quick morning at home before meeting my brother in the late morning.

I love the unexpected sleepovers, and want to take advantage of them while she still likes it!

I think tonight is going to be an EARLY night because she wakes up way early :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I don't know if you heard, but it snowed in CT today. Just a minor storm really, just a dusting. See? There was no snow last night. Honest.

This led to an unplanned vacation/snow day because the company did not close. These photos were taken after 11am, just after the plow started to clear the driving lanes and about an hour after the office opened. See the black lump/car? That was mom's car. After cleaning the top of the car, the drifts came to mid thigh.

Pay no mind to the christmas wreath below... we are a little slow in taking the decorations down.... now have to wait for the snow to go away.

Ended up being a nice peaceful day. Parking lot still a wreck because the plow never cleared out any of the spots, so we all stayed where we were today.
It was a good day, got to snuggle under blankets, next to the fire, napped, consumed hot cocoa and generally relaxed. Am re charged and ready for the rest of the week.
Did you have fun today?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

TV addiction

I was introduced to a new show btwn Christmas & New Years called Eureka. Yes, I know its not a new show and has been around for a few years; but being without cable for 20+ years means, lots of shows can be new to me.

If you have not heard of it, its a SciFi show about a town in Oregon called Eureka filled with science's best of the best who constantly push the boundries of science with hysterical and sometimes terrifying results. Bonafide geniuses fill the town, and there are a few'normals' to add to the mix. Some major leauge hotties on the show I have to admit!

The show sucked me in, and I just finished watching season 3.5- they are going to air season 4 this year sometime, so it will be a while until I can watch it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

try something new

I have had a small bread machine for a few years and today I decided to branch out and try something new with the machine. The machine has the capability not only for bread, but pizza and roll dough, pasta dough, cakes, cookie dough and even jam. Its a wonder.

Maddy and I decided to make pizza dough today. We measured and poured and waited an hour and 45 minutes. Thats when the fun began. I gathered the dough from the pan and put it on my floured cutting board. It was so satiny and light, have never felt anything like it- so much different from the dough in the bag from the stores. I stretched it out and put it on my pizza stone that was covered in cornmeal. We spread out bright red marinara sauce, sprinkled shredded cheese and Maddy put on the meatball slices.

In about 2 and a half hours from the time I started, we all enjoyed the crunchy pie. The crust was amazing. Will have to do this again, either on a day off, or trying the timer function, it goes up to 13 hrs.

Looks yummy doesn't it?