Sunday, August 14, 2011

Drip Drip Drip

Listening to the rain dripping off of the living room windows. Today was a very good day if you are a plant or a water loving animal :) Tomorrow expected to be the same, then hopefully we'll have good weather for the week ?
Stay dry and listen to the peaceful rain pattering down outside.

Time flies

I didn't think this much time had passed since my last post.
There has been lots of emotional stress this summer- both from family and work sides. I really need to develop more of a social life and meet someone- I guess that means that I have to actually go out- not something that I always want to do.

From the work side of things, this month has been very busy so far, this past week especially. I had 4 major pieces of work to get out, and 3 of them did, the 4th will be done by EOD tomorrow. I had a meltdown of sorts on Thursday over an email that had a tactless comment on it. I actually cried when I got home. Things were better after a walk, but the hormones were whacked out this week.

On a family front, I lost a dear loved one 2 months ago. On June 18th I lost my gramma. She had been ill for a few years and had taken a downward turn a few months back, but when the call came to go to the hospital to say my goodbyes, it came as a shock.

The whole family got the chance to be with her on her last day. When I got there, she was lying in her bed with a CPAP machine trying to help her breathe easier. As the members of the family poured in, the docs came around and explained what was/was not happening. Gramma was lucid even that morning, and she was clear on what she wanted- and it was time, she was tired and wanted to go home to my grampa who passed less than a year ago. My aunt, cousin, and I were the last ones to talk to gramma, and were the last ones to see her awake. She dozed much of the day. We were told that it would be soon, but no way of knowing when. I know I didn't want to leave while she was still with us, and apparently no one else did either. We scavenged in the cafe (that didn't seem open/stocked at all) at lunch. She had the anointing of the sick twice, once from the hospital chaplain, and once from her home parish. She passed quietly and peacefully in the the afternoon. Her wake and funeral were hard for me, lots of tears, but also lots of memories and family stories were shared.

I have been given the opportunity to buy her car from the estate. I cannot be gifted the car because the estate was left to her 3 kids, and is considered an asset. A fair price has to be offered for it to be acceptable in closing out the estate. I have been told it will be under market value, I will have to talk to Dad, who is the executor of the estate to nail down a price. I know how much I am willing to pay, I hope it will be in the ballpark of the price they are offering. I have been driving the car for the last month or so and I love it- I hope everything works out. I wonder if Gramma and Grampa would be pleased that the car may stay in the family. They were sometimes hard to figure out.

That is enough for now, time to start getting ready for the week ahead.