Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring fun

This weekend is going to be fun :) Spring has finally completely sprung in my neck of the woods- the trees are starting to show leaves, bushes are flowering, and there are spring flowers gracing the ground.

Today plan includes dance class, a couple of errands and taking my niece mini golfing! She tried it for the first time last week in SC and really likes it. Now to decide btwn the 2 courses near the house :) Of course I have a feeling we'll be following it up w/ice cream for her- I am going to try and be good...

Tomorrow's plan is for a long drive- has been a while since I have done that. Mason NH is the destination - a cute place called Pickety Place. It is one of my mom's favorites and they serve a 5 course gourmet lunch using local products and herbs in their meals. The location is actually where Little Red Riding Hood was inspired from (I think Grandmother's House). I have to remember to charge the camera and am excited to take some back, windy roads :)