Saturday, September 21, 2013

random thoughts

So, wow- its officially Fall today- time to openly appreciate all things Pumpkin can offer  ;P

In all seriousness, I can finally open my pumpkin coffee :)

Instead of pulling out longer sleeves and starting to put away summer clothes, I am thinking of what to pack (other than 2 bathing suits, crops, and dresses). I can't wait for this getaway, and its almost here!

This afternoon's plans include grocery shopping, knitting and dodging raindrops.

On another note, UConn plays Michigan tonight. While I love my alma meter, we do not stand a chance in winning, but it would be nice if they gave a fighting chance. Is this how Yale felt?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Things afoot

Time is flying and things are afoot- less than a month until vacation and busy, busy times at work. Will be sure to keep to my gym days to keep me on track.

A few shots taken last month (how is it September already??)