Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful morning, and the sun is shining, Happy Monday

Thursday, August 27, 2009

fun of the sun...burn

Being a very pale/fair Irish girl, I am no stranger to the bright red sunburns that accompany many a sunny day. I have been known to get pink from a 10 minute walk, or arms red from a ride in the car. I remember being a jr in college and going to a summer UCMB council meeting, and getting sunburned on the drive over from the sunroof- the drive was only 45 minutes long!

Last weekend I went to a faire in the overcast and rain, and silly me did not use any sunscreen. Can you say hello sunburn (really only on the chest, due to the shirt I wore). I was almost maroon. Really sensative, and seatbelts, rough shirts, towels, and bathrobes hurt for a couple days.

Now comes the best part of the sunburn.... the peeling !!! I love to peel the skin from sunburns. ( I am a warped child, what can I say?) Last night I glanced down and saw a little bit of dead skin and just had to pick at it, and one little strip lead to another.. soon I had a bit done, but the itchies came back on the newly exposed skin. More aloe. At work today I got distracted and had to peel a bit more. its a compulsion! A few summers ago a cousin of mine got really roasted in the sun and literally was peeling everywhere. We had a family gathering, and we managed to really gross out my aunt, by my dad, my cousin and I all peeling just a bit of the dead skin- hey you can't reach the middle of your back or shoulders to do this! It was hysterical, she literally went EWWWW and ran away.

Am I the odd one for liking to peel the skin from sunburns? Do you??

Monday, August 24, 2009


"Old Ded Bob had a farm ei-ei-oh, and on that farm he had a dyslexic cow ei-ei-oh. with a oom oom here, oom oom there, here an oom, there an oom, every where an oom oom..."

Sorry, I really had to do it! Here is a small recap of the weekend...

.... Went to the NY Ren Faire this weekend for the first time and loved it! Got to see the Ded Bob show again- sweet!
....bought the first piece of my ren faire costume (well 2nd, if you count the shirt). I bought a multi colored/flowered bodice. Now I am trying to think if I can make the rest of the outfit, or if I might have to buy it.
... the pub sing had nice eye candy.... dark swarthy sherrif's men in dripping wet black leather. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
... had a bit too much fun to drink and eat at the faire, the scale did not like me on Sunday!
... got major league sunburned in betweeen the downpours and thunder. All I can say is HOLY CRAP I'M ITCHY AND THE BURN HURTS LIKE HELL AROUND THE SHOULDERS!
... Sunday was a very lazy day, didn't shower and dress till noon!
... Saw Hitchhikers Guide to The Universe, it was funny!
... Made a small loaf of whole wheat bread (I love the smell of baking bread) & made a chicken salad with mayo, cranberries, pecans, and sage!
... Washed the still wet clothes from Saturday, but have to bleach the white shirt, it did't come completely clean.
... Emailed the company I bought the bodice from for care instructions... didn't think of it at the time... gotta love impulse purchases.

Saturday was much busier than Sunday, but I needed to lazy day.

Had to buy more aloe after work today. I realized that the red, tender skin does NOT like my bathrobe, or the seatbelt in my car, and it still itches like mad, but I can't scratch. I got a deal on 2 containers of aloe (one green and one is blue & has menthol). They feel good, but I still itch when they dry. Oh well, should be better in a few days!

Bring on the work week, vacation starts next friday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I finshed it!

I finally finished watching the first season of True Blood. Love it!!!

Anywhoo, taking my time and watching it, I caught things I might have missed. Did you catch the Storrs, CT reference by Jason's latest love??

Did you know mom was in the show? She is the sister that Rene/Drew strangled... I thought I heard it right, but wasn't sure on the last name until they showed Drew's picture. lol!

Emergency Preparedness

OMFG it's hot outside for the fire drill :-)

Only at my company do you know about a fire drill before it happens. Yesterday the emergency coordinator went around to the folks on the evacuation team making sure they had all the necessary gear. This morning we get wind on the grapevine in my unit that we had a drill around 11am. Even knowing it was coming it made me jump- could be because the alarm is about 5 feet from me.

So now that the drill has come, and gone, I guess we are good for another 6-12 months.... or for a real emergency!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Watching Bottle Shock & enjoying a bottle of merlot. Win!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Read a story today- Sookie Stackhouse got engaged to Bill. IRL. I apparentley don't wnt 2 work 2day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

feel like a marshmallow. Wanted to fall alseep in the masage chair, but there was too much noise in the cafe. The 2 masage therapists are really nice and are opening their own space in Bristol next month. As a way to build their client list, they gave out cards for a free introductory 30 minute massage that we can upgrade to an hour for $35.... I think I may be calling next month :)

I hope my work this afternoon doesn't turn the nice relaxed muscles into pretzels :)

I love FREE

I get to enjoy a chair massage at lunch today, the best part about it.... its FREE! And they even came to the office. SWEET!