Monday, August 24, 2009


"Old Ded Bob had a farm ei-ei-oh, and on that farm he had a dyslexic cow ei-ei-oh. with a oom oom here, oom oom there, here an oom, there an oom, every where an oom oom..."

Sorry, I really had to do it! Here is a small recap of the weekend...

.... Went to the NY Ren Faire this weekend for the first time and loved it! Got to see the Ded Bob show again- sweet!
....bought the first piece of my ren faire costume (well 2nd, if you count the shirt). I bought a multi colored/flowered bodice. Now I am trying to think if I can make the rest of the outfit, or if I might have to buy it.
... the pub sing had nice eye candy.... dark swarthy sherrif's men in dripping wet black leather. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
... had a bit too much fun to drink and eat at the faire, the scale did not like me on Sunday!
... got major league sunburned in betweeen the downpours and thunder. All I can say is HOLY CRAP I'M ITCHY AND THE BURN HURTS LIKE HELL AROUND THE SHOULDERS!
... Sunday was a very lazy day, didn't shower and dress till noon!
... Saw Hitchhikers Guide to The Universe, it was funny!
... Made a small loaf of whole wheat bread (I love the smell of baking bread) & made a chicken salad with mayo, cranberries, pecans, and sage!
... Washed the still wet clothes from Saturday, but have to bleach the white shirt, it did't come completely clean.
... Emailed the company I bought the bodice from for care instructions... didn't think of it at the time... gotta love impulse purchases.

Saturday was much busier than Sunday, but I needed to lazy day.

Had to buy more aloe after work today. I realized that the red, tender skin does NOT like my bathrobe, or the seatbelt in my car, and it still itches like mad, but I can't scratch. I got a deal on 2 containers of aloe (one green and one is blue & has menthol). They feel good, but I still itch when they dry. Oh well, should be better in a few days!

Bring on the work week, vacation starts next friday.

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Dizzy Vizzy said...

Brown Chicken Brown Cow!!!
So glad you had a good time! We will definitely go back!!

Loved your description of the sherrifs men!! Yummy!!