Thursday, August 27, 2009

fun of the sun...burn

Being a very pale/fair Irish girl, I am no stranger to the bright red sunburns that accompany many a sunny day. I have been known to get pink from a 10 minute walk, or arms red from a ride in the car. I remember being a jr in college and going to a summer UCMB council meeting, and getting sunburned on the drive over from the sunroof- the drive was only 45 minutes long!

Last weekend I went to a faire in the overcast and rain, and silly me did not use any sunscreen. Can you say hello sunburn (really only on the chest, due to the shirt I wore). I was almost maroon. Really sensative, and seatbelts, rough shirts, towels, and bathrobes hurt for a couple days.

Now comes the best part of the sunburn.... the peeling !!! I love to peel the skin from sunburns. ( I am a warped child, what can I say?) Last night I glanced down and saw a little bit of dead skin and just had to pick at it, and one little strip lead to another.. soon I had a bit done, but the itchies came back on the newly exposed skin. More aloe. At work today I got distracted and had to peel a bit more. its a compulsion! A few summers ago a cousin of mine got really roasted in the sun and literally was peeling everywhere. We had a family gathering, and we managed to really gross out my aunt, by my dad, my cousin and I all peeling just a bit of the dead skin- hey you can't reach the middle of your back or shoulders to do this! It was hysterical, she literally went EWWWW and ran away.

Am I the odd one for liking to peel the skin from sunburns? Do you??


BeeOhVee said...

I am so sorry. Well, at least it's almost over. Hugs (very light hugs)

Dizzy Vizzy said...

Eww!!! I hate the peeling - which is where I am right now too. Glad that your burn is better - I seem to have added a new freckle and now have a constellation on my chest!

Cathy said...

I think I may also have a new freckle or 2 coming in.... it still itches!!! I have to wonder, how many layers of skin did I kill?