Sunday, August 12, 2012

breaking through the comfort zone

I am a self taught knitter, and for the last several years have made blankets, scarves, hats and slippers for friends and family.

I never entertained the thought of mittens because the thumb section intimidates me. Last week I had mentioned that I needed to start knitting again and a friend suggested that I make mittens- she even offered to pay for a pair. I mentioned that mittens were out of my league, but my interest was piqued.

I went to Lion Brand's website and did some poking. I found this 'easy' pattern and figured I could give it a try: mittens . It ended up taking just a weekend (not the whole time). While not perfect, I am very pleased the way they turned out, I have to make sure I pay close attention when working the thumbs.

I went outside my comfort zone and learned something new- and it was good :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012


baby it's HOT outside!

What a beautiful- yet steamy/roasty day.