Sunday, July 25, 2010

curl up & dye

Saturday I had my seasonal (?) appt with Katie at the salon. For the last 5+ yrs I have been highlighting my hair, and I love it! The blonde just makes my hair look better. I do however try and stretch the appointments as much as possible- usually about 3 times a year- at $100 a clip it still adds up although I know it's a great price. Its amazing, I get painted with blueberry blue goo, and it comes out a gorgeous color- happiness!

I so wanted my hair straightened yesterday, but with it being crazy hot/humid, it wasn't fair to straighten it- not to Katie who would spend about 45 min on it, or me. Like she said, it doesn't matter what kind of frizzproof claims the product may have, as soon as I sweat, the curls would come back.... se la vie, maybe I'll tackle it some weekend when I can devote 1+ hour doing it myself.

I don't know what Katie uses in my hair, but I can never duplicate the curls she can get- no curling irons or poodles were harmed. I swear.

Netflix & Wii

Wow, I have to say, I love that I can sometimes get a wireless signal for the wii- it means I can watch netflix instantly.

Why only sometimes you ask? I have a secured network that is in my room, yet many times the signal is unavailable, I don't know if it is the problem with AT&T or if it is somehow my neighbor. It seems like his signal overrides the strength of mine and while I can use the desktop to get online, mom's laptiop & the wii cannot always connect.

Anyhoo, the neighbors were away this weekend so today I Od'ed on netflix- watch Man Vs Food and get grossed out.... and hungry. It like an accident, I just can't pull myself away. Found the first season of the A-Team, watched a couple of episodes this weekend. Tonight I started watching Rescue Me. I love this show, it makes me wish I had cable to watch it! I think I watched 7 episodes today- sucked me in, obviously didn't get much done today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rain rain,,,,,

It started raining about 30 minutes before I left work today. Light rain- no big deal..... not for long. It's a good thing, we really needed the water.About 20 minutes after I got home, the skies opened up.

In the apt complex I live there are 5 buildings and most have courtyards at the insides of the building. Our courtyard has a wee problem with drainage when it downpours for any length of time, the good thing is that it does not last long.

I went to the front door & snapped this picture of some of the flooding we experience. The water was about 2 inches deep for the most part.

We had a few rumbles of thunder, but not a bad storm.

I decided tonight to get a workout in on the wii- got my workout clothes on and went downstairs to work out. I got in about 20-25 minutes and had fun with hula hoop and step class when the power went. The first time it blinked & was back on within a minute. I powered the wii back up and was just getting started w/ another step class session when the power went back out this time it didn't come back on.

I think it's amazing how used to ambient light from outside we are. Normally if all the lights are off in my apartment, I can still see to walk around. When the power went out, not only could I not see the hand in front of my face, I could not see to walk into the dining room and walked into my couch.... not one of my better moments.

When we have no electricity, I get antsy- I have to get out. A few winters back, we lost power and the expected outage time was 7-8 hrs- went to a hotel. Yes I know, the princess came out in full force. Tonight I decided to get in the car & went for a drive- 3 reasons- to see how widespread the outage was, moving air, & to charge my cell phone because using it like a flashlight is a great way to drain the battery. Got home about an hour ago and the power had come back on a few minutes before we got home.

As of now, all is well and am nice and cool thanks to the central a/c, and the alarm is set for the morning.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm still here, just have not had the urge to update.

Personal life is boring as always, but am slammed and challenged at work which is a great thing.

In the last 3 weeks, have been put on projects, taken off a project, playing catch up and generally trying not to run away screaming from work.

Munchkin is overnighting it here and am getting a bit of me time now that she is sleeping.

I am off to bed too, I have a feeling tomorrow is an early wake up. Hmmm what to make for breakfast for us girls -- waffles maybe? I have 1/2 of a loaf of homemade bread made last night- maybe french toast?

Happy 4th, and stay cool.