Sunday, July 25, 2010

curl up & dye

Saturday I had my seasonal (?) appt with Katie at the salon. For the last 5+ yrs I have been highlighting my hair, and I love it! The blonde just makes my hair look better. I do however try and stretch the appointments as much as possible- usually about 3 times a year- at $100 a clip it still adds up although I know it's a great price. Its amazing, I get painted with blueberry blue goo, and it comes out a gorgeous color- happiness!

I so wanted my hair straightened yesterday, but with it being crazy hot/humid, it wasn't fair to straighten it- not to Katie who would spend about 45 min on it, or me. Like she said, it doesn't matter what kind of frizzproof claims the product may have, as soon as I sweat, the curls would come back.... se la vie, maybe I'll tackle it some weekend when I can devote 1+ hour doing it myself.

I don't know what Katie uses in my hair, but I can never duplicate the curls she can get- no curling irons or poodles were harmed. I swear.

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stripeycat said...

Lurve it ! looks awesome.

and i'd love to go that sleek straight look sometimes too, but my hair would rebel right along with ya!