Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rain rain,,,,,

It started raining about 30 minutes before I left work today. Light rain- no big deal..... not for long. It's a good thing, we really needed the water.About 20 minutes after I got home, the skies opened up.

In the apt complex I live there are 5 buildings and most have courtyards at the insides of the building. Our courtyard has a wee problem with drainage when it downpours for any length of time, the good thing is that it does not last long.

I went to the front door & snapped this picture of some of the flooding we experience. The water was about 2 inches deep for the most part.

We had a few rumbles of thunder, but not a bad storm.

I decided tonight to get a workout in on the wii- got my workout clothes on and went downstairs to work out. I got in about 20-25 minutes and had fun with hula hoop and step class when the power went. The first time it blinked & was back on within a minute. I powered the wii back up and was just getting started w/ another step class session when the power went back out this time it didn't come back on.

I think it's amazing how used to ambient light from outside we are. Normally if all the lights are off in my apartment, I can still see to walk around. When the power went out, not only could I not see the hand in front of my face, I could not see to walk into the dining room and walked into my couch.... not one of my better moments.

When we have no electricity, I get antsy- I have to get out. A few winters back, we lost power and the expected outage time was 7-8 hrs- went to a hotel. Yes I know, the princess came out in full force. Tonight I decided to get in the car & went for a drive- 3 reasons- to see how widespread the outage was, moving air, & to charge my cell phone because using it like a flashlight is a great way to drain the battery. Got home about an hour ago and the power had come back on a few minutes before we got home.

As of now, all is well and am nice and cool thanks to the central a/c, and the alarm is set for the morning.

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