Wednesday, March 14, 2012

y a w n ... bink bink bink

The brain is a odd thing. Mine played a cruel and evil joke this morning when it convinced me that when I woke up that it was actually time to get up for the day.

I blearily hit the buttons on my alarm so they wouldn't go off while in the bathroom. (Now I didn't hear the beeping of the alarm, but that didn't send a flag up because I normally sleep through the first, and it wakes  me before the second one went off- obviously the numbers did not register).  I started my normal routine- its normally dark out when I get up- and didn't think anything of it. Put in my contacts, brushed my teeth, and took my shower. All the while I had a feeling of slight nausea and the overwhelming urge to go back to sleep and call out of work for the day. I made a deal with myself that if I could make it through my meeting in the morning, that I could take the afternoon off to sleep.

After towelling off and going back in my room, my now more awake brain actually registered the time on the clock.....         
                                 it was 1:20 a.m. WHAT THE HELL!!!! I only went to bed at 10:45!
I turned right around, went back to the bathroom and took out my contacts. I then put pjs back on, made sure the hair wasn't soaking wet, turned off the light and crawled back into bed. I fell back alseep right away, and woke at 5 when the friggin alarm actually went off.

Dear brain, please don't do this to me again.... kay, contrary to the belief of some, it is not funny!

oh yeah, and is it nap/bed time yet?