Tuesday, January 18, 2011

snap crackle pop

Mother Nature is unleashing herself at us this year. Since the beginning of the year (18 days ago) some parts of this state have received 4o plus inches of snow!

I remember the winter of 96 being like this, snow multiple times a week. Back then it was fun because I was still in high school. Snow= no school. Now it means get your butt to work, because my company does not close. The massive record setting snow we had last week had the company delay starting until 10 am. Really? All the other major companies had later start times and then closed before that time came, but not ours. Ok, no more of that, its in the past.

As I was taking my shower this morning, I was listening to the snap crackle pop sounds outside my window - the sleet had started. I figured if I left a little earlier that I might be able to score a spot in our small parking garage. That means no chipping my way into my car after work. The morning the ride in wasn't too bad, it was slow going (20 mph). I was able to score a nice spot in the garage (YES!!!!).

Ride home was wet, but the fun began when I got home. The plow came out during the afternoon and got rid of the snow, but the shine I saw was not good. The entire parking lot (minus the spaces because they didn't touch those) and all sidewalks were sheets of ice. I spinkled some icemelt on my step/stoop and let it work its magic.

The weathermen are all giddy over the upcoming storm on Frday. Really??? Come on Mother Nature, do you have to dump another 6+ inches on my day off?

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