Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I don't know if you heard, but it snowed in CT today. Just a minor storm really, just a dusting. See? There was no snow last night. Honest.

This led to an unplanned vacation/snow day because the company did not close. These photos were taken after 11am, just after the plow started to clear the driving lanes and about an hour after the office opened. See the black lump/car? That was mom's car. After cleaning the top of the car, the drifts came to mid thigh.

Pay no mind to the christmas wreath below... we are a little slow in taking the decorations down.... now have to wait for the snow to go away.

Ended up being a nice peaceful day. Parking lot still a wreck because the plow never cleared out any of the spots, so we all stayed where we were today.
It was a good day, got to snuggle under blankets, next to the fire, napped, consumed hot cocoa and generally relaxed. Am re charged and ready for the rest of the week.
Did you have fun today?

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