Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Friday

Unplanned sleepover tonight!

Picked up the Munchkin from school today and her medicine from my dad's house. In true family tradition, she has her first ear infection. At almost 4 she is lucky to have withstood this long. My brother and I were NO strangers to the achey and popping ears. Hope she doesn't get them into adulthood like her auntie.

Moved her carseat to the middle seat in the car.... she is tall & skinny and no longer had any foot room. She is almost 30 lbs but I think it is time to get a booster for my car. We are thinking a tall booster because she is too young and sleepy for the backless ones.

Dinner was my niece's choice. I asked what she wanted.... hotdogs please. Stopped at Stop & Shop and picked up Hebrew National (my fav) they were on sale & reduced fat- double score!
A piece of cheese was scored from the deli and a fast run thru the store with random throw in items from the little one.

Batman and She-ra were the entertainment choices for the evening, by demand of the little one. Love her taste in cartoons.

Tomorrow will have a quick morning at home before meeting my brother in the late morning.

I love the unexpected sleepovers, and want to take advantage of them while she still likes it!

I think tonight is going to be an EARLY night because she wakes up way early :)

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