Saturday, January 1, 2011

try something new

I have had a small bread machine for a few years and today I decided to branch out and try something new with the machine. The machine has the capability not only for bread, but pizza and roll dough, pasta dough, cakes, cookie dough and even jam. Its a wonder.

Maddy and I decided to make pizza dough today. We measured and poured and waited an hour and 45 minutes. Thats when the fun began. I gathered the dough from the pan and put it on my floured cutting board. It was so satiny and light, have never felt anything like it- so much different from the dough in the bag from the stores. I stretched it out and put it on my pizza stone that was covered in cornmeal. We spread out bright red marinara sauce, sprinkled shredded cheese and Maddy put on the meatball slices.

In about 2 and a half hours from the time I started, we all enjoyed the crunchy pie. The crust was amazing. Will have to do this again, either on a day off, or trying the timer function, it goes up to 13 hrs.

Looks yummy doesn't it?

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