Friday, January 21, 2011

Charlie Brown!!!!!

Took the day off as a birthday present to me. I don't work on my birthday, and since this year it is on a Saturday, I decided to take Friday off.

I awoke to a beautiful carpet of white out my window, about 4-5 inches of beautiful fluffy new snow :) Went outside to clean off the car and move it to a cleared spot so the plow could clean out more spaces. Thats when it happened....

What happened you ask?

Well, with the warmer temps of the last few days came snow melt, and the melt turns to sheets of ice. I was walking to mom's car on the plowed area and can you guess what happened?

I was at the back corner of the car when my feet went out from under me and did a complete Charlie Brown, coming down square on my tailbone then the back. My nice snow scraper/brush went flying against mom's car and snapped the brush off of the pole.

All I hear is.... hey, why did you throw the brush against my car?!! So, my response was, Do you see where I am!! Owie. She didn't even see me, let alone see that I was on the ground and sliding on the ice.

Got up slowly and limped my way to the dumpster where I threw away my snow brush :( Doesn't hurt too much while walking :)

After I got inside and divested myself of the coat, hat, boots, & mittens I went to sit on the couch and OWWWIIIEEEEE!

I feel like my butt broke, will be walking funny for a few days, and the klutz lives on!

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