Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am the first to admit that while I liked Michael Jackson's songs, and had the Thriller album as a kid, in the later years, I really didn't admit that I was a fan.

I was so shocked when I heard of his death, I thought I was hearing things. I wasn't watching TV or listening to the radio when I got home- we were watching Mickey. It wasn't until I was making dinner that I heard the shocking news. I heard a news blip that he was going to the hospital with conditions of a heart attack. I apparently did not hear that he was already gone at that point.

Tonight NBC had a one hour special in tribute of MJ and I think I have had tears in my eyes the whole time. I never realized that he was the first black artist to ever be on MTV.

Even though the last 10-15 years his odd behavior made the headlines, the world has lost an important icon today, and a star has gone out in the sky.

He has had so many hits that I have loved over the years, its hard to narrow down. I have to say that one of my favorite songs was "I'll be there" I can't hear it without tearing up, doubly true now.

RIP Michael, we will all miss you

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