Saturday, June 13, 2009

painful ending to a good day

UConn coach Jim Calhoon hosted and participated in the Jim Calhoon Cancer Challege Ride today (its a ride for cancer research that he started after being a 2 time cancer survivor). This afternoon the local news had a story about that he went over the handlebars.
I am sorry to say that my first thought was, hey J you should know you can't slam on both brakes at the same time, unless you WANT a faceplant!

Well, I just heard a bit more, and all I can say is that I am so sorry; you're going to hurt for a while. Coach J was on a 50! mile ride when he apparently struck a pothole and went @$$ over teakettle and has now broken 5 (count'em) 5 broken ribs. I hope that he isn't hurting too bad. I don't think he will be riding for quite a while. I was all the more impressed to hear that he finished his 50 mile ride before being taken to the hosp (UConn of course). I have a feeling he'll get the VIP treatment!

Get Better Coach!

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