Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dress hunt

I am on the hunt. Liz and Ryan's wedding is 4 Saturdays away and I need to get a dress. Its an outdoor ceremony and outdoor reception under tents at my aunts house in Bristol. I am thinking that I can go fairly casual with a sundress and flats or dressy flip flops- the grass and dirt would kill heels.

I asked a couple of girls in the office where big girl dresses are plentiful and I have 3 options to check out in the area. In my price range I have Avenue and Macy's. Slightly out of range- but freakin beautiful is Nordstrom. The lowest price I saw was $98. I am thinking I will wear the dress only a couple of times and would love to spend a bit less.

I think I am going to hit Avenue in Manchester on Friday after work or Saturday morning and then get to have a blast with friends for Chele's Birthday Bash.

I hope I have luck in person and not have to order a dress online ;)

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