Sunday, March 8, 2009


Spring is here.... oh wait, its just a teaser, winter is back tomorrow :( The weather this weekend has been gorgeous! Sunny, blue sky and warm enough to leave the jacket at home. I love it!

I got to open the windows and slider this weekend, I have to admit, there is nothing like the smell of fresh air in the house after being closed up for the winter!

So, losing an hour of sleep last night was not fun, I could't stop coughing to get a good night sleep, I ended up sleeping till 9:30. What a slug, when I have to meet my brother in Bristol at 12:30! We are picking up a toddler bed for my niece from one of the great girls I work with. Maddy may not be ready quite yet, but having the bed available and at no cost is great, especially with Pat losing his job.

I think I have now procrastinated enough. Time for my shower and breakfast. The sooner I go out and get a few errands done, the sooner I can come back and watch the race in Atlanta today!

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KLo said...

The weather this time of year is crazy ... we lost most of our snow yesterday only to get almost all of it back today. Sigh ...