Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get outa my head!!!!!

For the last week or so I have had a jingle going through my head and it is making me absolutely freakin nuts!

Have you seen Billy the big mouth bass and the Filet o Fish commercial for McDonalds...??

It keeps running through my head "Give me back that filet of fish, gimme that fish..." until I want to run screaming from the room. I wonder how to make it go away??

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Chele76 said...

lol - I love that commercial. The music reminds me of the cheesy canned beats I had in my Casio Sk-1 keyboard! lol

My friend Jon (from HS) recorded a video of him playing guitar and singing that song and posting it on FB. it is HILARIOUS!!!!!

gimme that fish, gimme that fish! lol