Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy News!

I got great news yesterday, my cousin is coming home! He currently is on his 4th deployment with the Marines as a sniper, and is cutting his deployment short. This time has been harder on him, the first time that he has been hurt. He earned 2 Purple Hearts this tour. The second time he was injured in an IED blast that broke his arm. He was moved to a British Base for recuperation (4-6 weeks) before finishing the tour. Well his arm has not healed the way they want, and they are sending him home. He is set to have surgury either in Germany or the US, but either way he is coming home. I heard even he is glad to be coming back! I know this is going to take so much stress off of his wife and the rest of the family.


Kirsten said...

that is fantastic news! i'm sorry he's been injured, but i guess at this point in the whole game, as long as he comes home safe, that's all that matters.

Cathy said...

We are all really happy that this was his last trip over. We have been blessed that earlier deployments have been safe. His guardian angel has been working overtime!

Dizzy Vizzy said...

Yay for coming home!!