Tuesday, March 31, 2009

night light on the ceiling

Got home today after having a nice long chat and coffee with Chele to fun in the kitchen. My kitchen light is a large square flouresent light that has decided to give up the ghost and be just a very large night light. I called the maintenance staff to make an apt to change the light bulb ( I think it might be like an S shape). I hope that they can come by tomorrow. With no windows in the kitchen the only light comes from the dining room and the slider that is about 8 feet away. I feel like it will be dark tomorrow as I stumble for the coffee.

I have to say I love having a 24 hr maintenance line... Any flourescent bulbs (not the CFL's but the reall things) or drips, leaks, what ever- there is someone there to take the call and usually there is a little paper hanger on the door letting me know they were here today.

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