Sunday, December 14, 2008

Uh oh....

To borrow a phrase from my neice, 'uh oh...'

How is it that its December 14th?? Where did I get so far behind? The tree is up, the lights are on & I have 6 ornaments on the tree. Cards have yet to be done, cookies & nuts have yet to be made, and 75% of shopping still has to be done & I have no clue what to get people!! This whole year has seemed to go by so fast, that I should notbe surprised that the holiday season is flying by.

My stepmom called tonight to give the surprise news that my grandparents are hosting Christmas. I don't think we have celebrated there in almost 10 yrs. My aunt was going to host the festivities, but her mom is not doing well. I hope that she makes it into the new year; she has been in a nursing home for about 5 yrs, but the last few yrs she had a remarkable turnaround, she was talking again & eating on her own. Apparently things have taken a nosedive in the last month or so, and every day is a bit different, some good some very bad. I am saying a special prayer for her.

On a happier note,Mom's birthday is in 2 days... still have to get a card & a little something. I am going to take her to lunch, but it would be nice to have something nice to open too.

We get to babysit Peanut tomorrow evening, so not much will be done. I am usualy too tired to do much of anything when she goes to bed :(

I am lucky enough to have the next 2 days off of work. I want to at some point, do more shopping, make out & mail my christmas cards, and hit AT&T to check out new phones. My contract came up in August and I am finally ready to get rid of my phone.

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