Sunday, December 28, 2008


Saturday was lots of fun! Got to play in NYC for the day. Went to see Rockefeller center and the HOARDES of tourists. Damn tourists go home already! Bren took us to American Girl to see what it is all about. Let me just tell you it is an experience. (One that I hope my niece does not obsess about in the coming year) The store is 4 floors of madness (the crush of people added to the chaos). Parts are very cute, they have a 'Hospital' that you can take your dolls to to be fixed, they have a cafe on site & you can have a professional portrait taken in American Girl style.

Got to try my very first hot toddie at an Irish pub called Connely's. I apparenly am not much of a scotch fan, but the drink was much better once all the sugar was poured in! I have to admit that it made me nice and warm & a bit loose.

One of our goals was to catch Twilight before it went out of the theatres. No such luck. We got to the theatre with minutes to spare, but the movie was sold out! Darn it. We tried, we really did, went to several other theatres but no luck. I guess someone is trying to tell us that we need to wait for the DVD release & have our own release party. Italian food & red wine anyone?

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