Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Went to yoga tonight & did a new move that I may be feeling tomorrow. We did a move called the boat? It's where you lean back on your hands & butt while with one leg at a time you bring up your leg till your calf is parallel to the floor then you straighten your leg toward the ceiling.... wow muscles I have not used in a while. Its not really a good thing when the legs shake like that! Still I am so relaxed when I it is still definitely worth it!

Time to read a couple of pages in Eclipse (for the 2nd time) then go to sleep. I get to watch my neice tomorrow night at Daddy's now that Daddy is back to work (yay!!!) I don't think I will be getting much of anything done tomorrow night :)


Chele76 said...

how are those abs feeling today? That is also a basic move in pilates, the goal is to ballance on your butt and form a perfect "v" then the next step is to extend your arms straight out and flutter them up and down. Good for the core!

my word verification is crypt. Kinda creepy!

Cathy said...

Abs are fine this morning, but I definetely need to do some work on them :)