Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what a yarn

I always seem to have yarn spawning in this house. From ideas of projects to new kinds of yarn in pretty colors, it is everywhere!

Slowly but surely I am finding patterns to use all of my yarn. So far we have a blanket, washcloths, and maybe a daring sweater to the mix.

I am working on a blanket right now for the munchkin using Lions Brand Homespun. Right now I have 3 colors (bubblegum, Hepplewhite white, and a sunny yellow). The yellow is actually over 3 yrs old. I had knit my very first blanket when the munchkin was still incubating. Her mommy somehow turned the blankie into a poncho... anyway, I had bought Lions Brand Homespun Baby for a steal and had 3 small skeins that I never used. I finally have a use now! I am thinking of having 4 yellow squares surrounded by the pink and all whip stitched in white. I am thinking of calling it the lemonade blankie. Photos will come when done. Right now I think I am about 1/3 done.

I have some cotton yarn in a vibrant red and variegated green (key lime) that I think I am going to knit up into cleaning washcloths.

I have some super soft yarn in off white and light yellow left over from a couple of blankets. Today I found the cutest pattern for a cardigan. The pattern called for cashmere, but one of the reviews made the sweater with the same yarn I have. I think that may be my next project.

I know I have to pare down the yarn, but it is just so hard. I am trying to be better about only going to the craft stores when I have a specific project in mind.

Speaking of buying, I am waiting for a circular knitting needle set to come in. My company gave me a reward that I redeemed for an Amazon gift cert. I used it to get a 13 piece set of 40 inch bamboo circular needles. They should be in next week. This will be the first time I have used that kind of needle. Lets see how I like it. Now if I could only get cute stitch markers we would be in business.... will keep the eyes peeled.

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