Friday, August 13, 2010


Last weekend was a blast. A road trip with scenic drives of NJ and NY with debauchary smack in the middle!

Did you know that the Garden State & I -287 are not the same thing? LOL! My chicky in the box is not so sure, she had me take a nice long drive on Rte 80. I made a scenic drive of I-87 to I-84 on the way home to avoid hellacious traffic, what a wonderful ride!

I made my second journey to the land that time forgot, and by that I mean the New York Rennaisance Faire in Tuxedo NY. It is a fantasy, no other words can describe it. Anything goes and the goal of the day is fun!

There were throngs of excited fairgoers in garb and not, excited little princes/princesses dragging their parents from a shop to a show and back again, and baby dragons all around. Don't forget to toss in a couple of camels and exotic birds of prey. And you can't forget the marshmallow throwers- back to their old tricks.

This year I purchased the 3rd piece of garb, a floor length lavender skirt to complete my costume. A lady - not quite, but I am trying. I might pass off for a fair maiden......

The stores they have there are wonderful, from fantasy outfits, masks, all things piratical, fairy shops, to artisans and jewelers. The store with the best name is once again M'Lady's Panties.... is it pronounced M'Lady or Mmmm Lady's Panties? The debate continues.

The shows are very diverse and entertaining from a knife throwing show with father and son, a brave/mad man balancing flames on his head while juggling more fire, a chicken show, acrobatic/fire eating/stilt walker show, to of course the joust, and all things related to the Queen's court.

The ogre on the Kissing Brigde seemed to be MIA, but many smooches happened regardless :)

Our motley crew initiated/hazed/scarred a couple of new comers this year. I jest of course... It was great to meet The Ginger Pirate in person- a great guy and a hell of a photographer! Thanks for the photos by the way, I didn't think to take pictures this year. I think UConntam had a good time too, she beat me in time of getting garb together, she came in full garb.... one of the nicknames was Puss N Boots (it all went downhill from there)

The night before the faire, I stayed at Chez D in New Jersey. Had a wonderful time meeting the momma & grandmomma of one of my really good friends. How can you go wrong with dinner al fresco, bonfires, and breakfast in the garden?

Thanks everyone for the fantastic weekend! I know I am leaving things out, but this is the best I can do for now.

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Dizzy Vizzy said...

Definitely a fun weekend!!! :-)