Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I should not be allowed to shop before I have eaten dinner. I am just dangerous. Last night I went to Target after work for a couple of things. I needed to stop at the pharmacy, and I decided while I was there I was going to pick up some stuff like shampoo/conditioner and the like. I knew I was going to get a box of unsalted butter because I had less than 1 tablespoon of it in the house and I forgot to get it at the grocery store this weekend. Not a bad list, I should have been out within 10-15 minutes tops. So how is that I gravitated to the food isles?

I managed to leave with 2 bags of goldfish- the S’mores adventures & cheddar, and Oreos….. What is wrong with me?!

At least I didn’t go completely insane (only a little).

Tonight is the weekly dinner with Munchkin & P. This week we are going up to Winsted because P is finally back to work!!!! I think pizza & garden salad is on the menu tonight, I have to go past Portabella’s Restaurant in New Hartford, I see a good meal tonight!

I think I may have started to crack. I walked past a co-worker today and said Happy Friday…the only problem, its NOT Friday, its Wednesday. Sigh…

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