Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Friday!!!!

I am sooooo happy that its finally friday! I have a 3 day workweek to look forward to :)

I have a family birthday party on Sunday. We wanted to have it before my cousin drives back to NC. In my family we come in groups ( on both sides of the family actually) and on dad's side rather than having seperate get togethers we have one happy party. In January alone on both sides we have 6 birthdays! (mine included). We will get to celebrate 4 of them this weekend. I have to remember tomorrow to buy birthday cards.

Question, if one forgets to bring/send birthday cards for Nov and Dec family birthdays is it considered rude to give out the cards at the next family birthday???

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Dizzy Vizzy said...

Some people may be offended - personally I think that it would be a nice surprise!