Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Enough is enough. I am tired of seeing that scale creep up and down the same 2-3 pounds. I am feeling fat today. It doesn't help that its the week before my period and I feel like all my cravings revolve around chocolate and salt (how typical!!)

Madison slept over last night, so I didn't get to plan lunch or dinner for today. On the way home I was thinking of what I had in my cabinet and fridge and planned out dinner. Had pizza last night- sooo not interested to have it 2 nights in a row. I ended up making ham, mashed sweet potatos, green salad and a drop buiscut (bisquick heart healthy mix) that was surprisingly good. Now I was impressed that I got a meal together and on the table in 20 min. Now I have to focus on PORTION controL!!!

Earlier this month I signed up for the Pound for Pound challenge sponsored by the Biggest Loser. For every pound I can lose by April, a pound of food will be donated to food kitchens country wide.

Its a great program that I signed up for, but now comes the hard part, actually being able to lose the weight. I am not sure where to start, but I need to make a lifestyle change and make it now, not a month from now! I want to be healthier and lighter, I am embarassed how far I have come. Now that is off my chest I can start taking steps to turn that around. Wish me luck...

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Dizzy Vizzy said...

Good luck! You can do it!!