Monday, January 12, 2009


So, I found out that my car DOES NOT like the cold! I didn't use the car this weekend other than to clear it off & move it to the other side of the lot to a clear spot. I then made the mistake of moving the car back without letting it warm up. I could tell that it was unhappy, but I had no idea how pissed it was at me till this morning!

I had the bright idea of going out to start my car before having to leave because it is going to get artic this week. What a surprise I had. She didn't want to catch and turn over this morning. After giving it a minute, I started it again and with a really rough sound it caught and started. I decided to give it about 10 min to warm up and she was fine. I think I will be doing the same for the rest of the week as we get the Canadian temps!

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Chele76 said...

ooooh, I remember when my old Jeep was like that. When cars get a little older they want to migrate to warmer weather... kinda like old people!

Good luck!