Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh my Edward

Went to see Twilight last night in Hartford with Michele, Vizma & Julie. Wow the Oddesey theatre that we saw it in was awesome, almost IMAX size. Made looking at Edward all the more enticing. :)

The movie was good, but does not compare to the book, although I have to say that Carslile was much yummier that I expected! I wasn't ready for the movie to end... I can't wait for the next one. Darn it hurry up! We ended up being the last ones in the theatre & could have easily stayed for the next showing, they never would have known.

I so would not mind going back when Brenda gets back from her honeymoon!


Dizzy Vizzy said...
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Dizzy Vizzy said...

I hit enter too soon & then deleted my previous commment so I could properly say "Yay for Carlisle and his yummy black Benz!!!"