Friday, November 21, 2008


I got home yesterday to the lovely surprise of having no phone... Once again AT&T is having problems with my phone line.... I have nothing but dead air. I tried using a corded phone to no avail....still no luck.

I searched for the repair phone # in the Yellow Pages and made my call from my cell phone. I never spoke to a live person, only the computer. One of the options was if I had no dial tone on my line; I selected the option & then I get asked "are you calling from that number now?" WTF??!!! How can I call on a line with no dial tone???

After about 5 more min of pointless questions I get the message that my service should be restored by 8pm tonight, I guess we will have to see if that is acurate. Thank God I have a cell phone.

And thank goodness its FRIDAY!!!!!!!

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