Saturday, November 29, 2008

cell phone

The time has come to shop for a new cell phone.... well the contract expired over the summer and I have been procrastinating ever since. I think it is time to start looking for the next phone, I just have to figure out when would be the best time to go. Of course the store that I have gone to for the last 4 yrs is in Westfarms Mall; which is going to be a freakin nightmare until 12/26 !! I think it may be best to check out first & see what options I have in my price range first :)

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Chele76 said...

I've heard that store is slow, but better overall with customer service. The last I knew it was the only one around that was actually RUN by Cingular (but things may have changed since the AT&T merger) There is a store on rt 6 - next to Panera and another closer to me, by Olympia Sports.