Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Procrastination is thy name!

... Well this was only about a month ago! I am so bad about uploading my pictures to my computer, that I only loaded this one on Saturday!!

I got to have an awesome day in the city with some of my best friends! Mental note 2 days after Christmas = hoardes of people in Manhattan! The trip had a couple of firsts: I had my first ever trip to American Girl store, and I have to tell ya, I hope to escape the madness with my neice! Wow what an insane hold American Girl has over young girls! I also had my first Hot Toddy at an Irish pub, less than impressed, but I have been told it wasn't a good quality one. Well, 10 sugars made it better, but it also may have been the scotch that got to me that made it go down easier :)

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BeeOhVee said...

Those hot toddies were pretty brutal. But then again, by the time you got to the bottom, you really didn't care much.