Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh man.....

Of all the times to start feeling crummy. My office has been a germ hotbed since Jan and slowly the people are getting ill isle by isle. The guy I sit next to has been sick for the last few days, and today Mike stayed home. No big deal, or so I thought till this morning.

Had a sore throat(postnasal drip) the past few mornings, but that is not unusal in the winter. Now though my stomach is unsure if it likes me and I feel hot and flushed with icy hands... how does that work???

I am toying with taking a 1/2 day and go home to sleep so I can make it to the instrument show tomorrow (already bought the ticket)and my hair apt earlier in the day... haven't been since October- way overdue here.

I am going to cross my fingers and hope I feel better for tomorrow

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Dizzy Vizzy said...

I love the priorities- go home so that you can be well for the Instrument show - I would have the same ones!!!