Monday, June 6, 2011

in awe

This week I am house sitting and in charge of taking my niece to school before going to work. The munchkin slept over last night & even though she sleeps over my dad's house all the time, she pulled the I'm scared card- I let her share my bed (told her it was a one time special deal- and I wanted the excuse to cuddle!)

While she got a great night sleep, I did NOT. I went to sleep about 11pm and saw 11:25, 12:30, 2:00...... you get the idea. Alarm went off at 5:10. Hopped in the shower and got dressed before I woke her up. We were out the door about 7 am and I dropped her off a min or 2 later (school is just around the corner from my dads). Then came the fun ride into work. Did I mention that dad doesn't drink coffee, hence, no coffee maker here. I stopped at mc d's for a super fast eat & drive breakfast and a needed iced coffee.

Managed to get in the office for about 8 am and wanted a nap ALL day long.

I have to admit I never realized the crazy/chaotic schedules parents of young children have daily. I give all parents (married and single alike) a huge round of applause. I am in awe of the ease that you seem to show. Bless you all.

If you will now excuse me, I may take a nap finally.

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Rich said...

Wow, and all this time here I was in awe of you!!