Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is that Spring I see?

I am looking forward to spring. To warmer days, sunshine, the miracle of new growth sprouting from the ground.

While we do not live in the tundra, we had a hefty few punches from mother nature in the span of about a month, and just buried us. There is still snow (mostly in the plowed 'mountains'), but it shrinks a bit day by day.

Last Friday, I had to go into Hartford for a few hours in the afternoon. When I came out, I really noticed that the sun was shining, and 'warm'. I enjoyed the drive home- even winding my way home through Hartford/West Hartford because I didn't want to sit on the highway.

When I got home, I parked and looked at the fence surrounding my patio.... guess what I saw?

any guesses????

How about day lilly shoots! They were sprouting up about 1-2 inches, but they screamed that spring is coming to me. Makes me a happy girl!

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