Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Globe effect

Did you know there is a phenomena when it snows? It is the snow globe effect. The snow blankets all sound and looks like a mad elf is shaking globe for all its worth. Right now the driveway and courtyard are a pristine blanket of white. You can just hear the howl of the wind through the windows.

It is so beautiful, I am the first to admit that I want to be curled up in the living room in front of the fire & either watching the snow or movies!

The weathermen have predicted 10-20 inches of snow state wide and have the potential to be in the top 10 storms in the state's history. I am very glad that Christmas & Christmas Eve were snow free as the 2 locations were not snow friendly to drive in.

Chatted with a friend who lives a few hours away who is also enjoying the relaxation of the snow (I hope). I hope it stays nice & quiet for her for the next few days.

Time to grab a snack- cheese ball from yesterday & homemade cookies may do the trick. Only made 1 kind this year - peanut butter blossoms.

Go. Enjoy the peaceful world that comes only when it snows. Maybe even say a little prayer that you get one more day for your holiday weekend. Eh, can't hurt, right?

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Dizzy Vizzy said...

I LOVE the snow globe effect!! :-)