Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rainy Night

I am making a few extra bucks tonight and spending the evening with my best girl. Pat & his new girlfriend (major thumbs up be the way) decided to go out to dinner since the drive in wasn't going to happen.

I agreed to come babysit for a few hours.... real hardship- my munchkin, spending time w/ the family dog, and being able to watch the huge effing flat screen TV w/sat tv.... dad & step mom are out of town for the weekend.

Went shoe shopping today and got 2 pairs, 3 pairs of trouser socks, and a pair of pads for the balls of your feet all for $45. Ended up with 2 pairs of Mary Jane shoes... one is heels and one pair are flats that feel like sneakers. Not too shabby.

After the shopping excursion this morning, took mom out to lunch at Red Robin. It was good, but ate too much. Mom said this afternoon she wants a comfortable pair of slippers for christmas...... hmmm now comes the fun part. What kind to get her???

Maddy is calling and SpongeBob is singing in the background. Time to go. Have a good weekend everyone!

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