Friday, July 3, 2009

who'da thunk

... that an impound lot would be closed the day before a holiday making a person wait until Monday for their broken car (not me).

...that police would be able to clear an intersection of an accident w/in 30 minutes. Was going to the grocery store and there was a 2 car acc at the entrance, but by the time I left, no cars, no wreckers, no cope.... wierd!

... that someone would be so low as to lie and use their child's health as an excuse, then was caught in said lie.

... that everyone and their uncle would choose today to go to Costco, traffic was a nightmare, then almost forgot to pick up the contacts that came in (the reason I went today)

... that thunder was heard for about 4 hours today both home and running errands.... can't they go away for a bit?

Thats enough for now, off to sleep then prep the berries for the dessert I am making for the family cookout tomorrow.

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