Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vermont fun

Maddy got to visit Santa's Land in Putney VT this weekend with Auntie and Meme (daddy had to work and pack for the move, so he stayed home). She is the 3rd generation, Meme, Auntie & Daddy all visited and played here as kids, and the best part, it looks just about the same as it did 20+ yrs ago. The park is geared towards little ones who want to sit on Santa's lap, feed the raindeer, see exotic animals, play on the slides, and ride the train and carnival rides that the park keeps on hand. The park has been open since 1957, and I hope it will be around for many years, to let the new generations have the delight and joy of seeing Santa's 'other' home. Here are some pics from the park.

This slide was FAST. Auntie and Maddy went down together on the wavy slide, riding on our magic (burlap) carpet!


Keri said...

OH the memories !! thank you thank you for posting those !!
I have pics from all three of us sisters from 1975 onward taken with the egg head ! I wanted to bring my crew there to see the park and was worried it had gone the way of alot of other family fun parks that started in the 50's.
Now i know i have to start planning NOW.

Cathy said...

they have a website http://www.santasland.com/

They are open during the summer (every day thru 8/23), weather permitting because it's all outside.