Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whats for dinner?

Tough question of the day, what to do for dinner???? For the forseeable future on wednesdays after work I have to truck up to New Hartford to babysit. The challenging part is the munchkin has no patience with cooking dinner, which means (at least this week) I have to pick something up on my way...... I don't want fast food, but options are limited. On my way (or not too far out of the way) we have Chez McD's, a really good pizza joint, Subway, a chinese place, and the grocery store......hmmm decisions, decisions!


Chele76 said...

have you thought about any of the semi-instant kid friendly stuff... like easy mac, ravioli, chicken nuggets, etc?

Me said...

kids won;t die from some nugs at mcd's once in a while - it's a weekly bribe-lunch at my house. but one of the special nights here is a picnic dinner - - - i give the munchkins cut-up fruits on a "picnic blanket" while i make some sort of finger food (sometimes nuggets, sometimes grilled cheese pieces) - - - yeah, i may pop in a movie, but it keeps them quiet until i can get something decent into their tummies. and once i'm done cooking, i snuggle down with them - it's a real special time!

Cathy said...

thanks for the sugestions!