Friday, April 10, 2009


Is it a bad thing that I am already looking forward to 5:00???

A bunch of us from work are heading over to Wood 'N'Tap after work for Happy Hour. I am already anticipating the drinks!

Then, somehow I was volunteered to go grocery shopping... WTF!! I am going to my uncle's 50th birthday party tomorrow and have to get salad fixins for dinner, and stuff for Sunday, cuz I am just a procrastinator!

After that I am heading to Target or Wal Mart to look for an adaptor for the IPod that will conntect my mom's Ipod to the jack in her car. There is a USB port that unfortunatley is for powering only. There is another jack (like a where you plug in your speakers on the IPod) I just have to find a chord that will conntect the 2!


Dizzy Vizzy said...

Shopping while tipsy - be careful!!

Cathy said...


Chele76 said...

best kinda shopping in my opinion! I hit the grocery store in that condition yesterday! lol

Have fun!