Saturday, April 11, 2009

Had a blast last night. 5 of us went out to the bar for drinks and fun. Mike was the token male, and we got his wife to come join us! Leaned fun things, and found I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking with them :) I couldn't decide what the heck I wanted last night so I ended up getting 3 different beers- each completely different from the last.

Started with Miller Chill- yuk! Then I moved to Blue Moon (talk about the other end of the spectrum!), and finished with a Sam's light. I left early... well earlier that most. At 8:30 I went my own way... over to the grocery store. I somehow was volunteered to pick up stuff needed for tonight's b-day party. I ended up buying random stuff.... beer with no dinner makes for fun grocery shopping.

Anywhoo I got the "come with us to the bar across the street!" I wonder when they all left last night :)

Today I am heading over to Costco to get photos of my neice, then to the liquor store to find a wine that has 'old' in the label. Old Fart would be perfect, but I don't know if they have one like that. lol

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